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A Forever Home!

Why We Need Your Help

Hi, my name is Jonathan

and I am the entrepreneur behind Taco Monster. Born and raised in Red Deer, I am so thankful for the community support of our new business. It is your support that has made launching our new food truck possible in the midst of a global pandemic. Thank you.

I want to personally invite you to participate in the next part of our story. With winter fast approaching, we want to build a permanent year-round location in Central Alberta. To do this, we need your help.

We are pre-selling a variety of products including Taco Monster merchandise, tacos, gift cards, and private event catering! These products will be delivered in 2021, which allows us to use this money now to secure a location, purchase kitchen equipment, expand our menu, and open up a space for you to enjoy Taco Monster year round!

Building Together

We believe in community. From ideation till now, Taco Monster has been built on the foundation of people coming together to experience and create great things. As a new business growing in a struggling economy and global pandemic, resources to fund this project are limited. However we believe that together, anything is possible.

The Plan

Money brought in through this campaign will be used to start a year-round location in Central Alberta. In February 2021, we plan to deliver most of the rewards. Catered events or sponsored giveaways that include the food truck will be scheduled between May and September 2021. Here is a list of how we will use the money in order of priority.

Milestone 1 : $7,500 - UNLOCKED!

Secure a location and start moving ahead with preparations to open!

Milestone 2 : $10,500 - UNLOCKED!

Insurance on the new location so we can start moving in and building out the space.

Milestone 3 : $14,500 - UNLOCKED!

Renovate/Build out our new kitchen space.

Milestone 4 : $17,000 - UNLOCKED!

Purchase & Install Commercial Sinks & Hand Washing Stations

Milestone 5 : $20,000 - UNLOCKED!

Purchase & Install Tables, Shelves & Storage Solutions

Milestone 6 : $24,000

Purchase & Install Visuals - Signs, Paint, Menus

Milestone 7 : $33,500

Hot Holding Equipment, Cooler, Freezer, Refrigerated Prep Table.

Milestone 8 : $35,500

Purchase point of sale equipment

Milestone 9 : $37,000

Purchase Kitchen Tools (From Knives to Food Thermometers)

Milestone 10 : $38,250

Security Equipment

Milestone 11 : $40,000

Finishing Touches for Renovation/Built Out. Nothing goes perfectly according to plan.

At this point we can use equipment we already own to create a functioning kitchen and serve tacos from a new location. However we would like to expand our menu which will require some new equipment, as well as upgrade some of our plans to elevate your experience. Here is how we would use the next part of the campaign goal.

Milestone 12 : $43,500

Purchase a Ice Machine.

Milestone 13 : $44,500

Purchase a deep fryer to expand our side selection to items such as tater tots or tortilla chips.

Milestone 14 : $48,500

Invest into new beverage menu.

Milestone 15 : $51,500

Upgrade to Light Up Sign Option

Milestone 16 : $53,000

Marketing Budget for promoting new location.

Milestone 17 : $63,000

New Kitchen Equipment Focused on Increasing Efficiency

The Rewards

Thank you for your ongoing support of Taco Monster! Whether you can give a little or give a lot, your ongoing support of our business means the world to us. We would not be here today without you. Below is a list of items you can purchase that we aim to fulfill in January 2021. This will allow us to use this capital to help us start a new brick and mortar / year round location! Our dream is to continue growing this brand, and we need your help to do it.

Searching Taco Monster

Taco Monsters are nomadic beings, rarely spotted in the wild, who roam festivals and local gathering spaces in search of the best tacos. 


Taco Monster Trailer

Tacos, being the best food invented EVER, are also perfectly balanced with the needed nutrition to keep Taco Monsters alive, fed, and happy!

When tacos are in short supply, you may find your taco monsters a bit grouchier than normal, sneaking into homes and snacking on tupperware and tin cans.

Never sure of where their search will take them, they commonly dwell in mobile shelters that can easily move around.


Upon discovery of his favorite taco yet, our beloved Taco Monster, named Chomp, decided to stay and share his latest discoveries with the people of Central Alberta.


Frozen ChompAs summer turns to fall, Chomp has been chatting with some local animals (yes, he can speak to animals, cool hey?). They have warned him of the severe, frigid, winter temperatures that are to come. Some of these animals head south for the winter, but Chomp has made many friends here and the thought of leaving makes him very sad. Other animals suggested hibernation, but Chomp is scared of the dark, so he did not take well to this idea. While chatting with a couple house pets, they spoke of beautiful homes that humans have made for them, and suggested he reach out to the humans for help.

Chomp wants your help in creating a safe and warm home to share his new favourite tacos with the people of Central Alberta year-round.

Together, people and Taco Monsters alike, can build a gathering place to enjoy and celebrate the glories of tacos all year long.

Help Chomp’s cause by making a purchase today.

If you are reading this, you made it to the bottom of the page and you are extra awesome. We cannot wait to see what you buy!


Taco Monster Pin


A 1.25” acrylic pin to show your love for tacos!


Sticker Pack


5 Assorted Taco Monster stickers! Enjoy Chomp in a variety of poses along with Taco Monster stickers featuring the happy taco!


Taco Monster Face Mask


Keep up with our changing world with 100% cotton Taco Monster face coverings! Complete with a stainless steel nose piece, filter pocket and soft fabric elastics!

Exclusive T-shirt


An exclusive Taco Monster tee just for those of you who back this campaign.


Random Act of Taco

From $48

Money may not buy happiness, but it does buy tacos! Purchase a Random Act of Taco card pack and you can gift the people in your life with a taco! Or two! Or three! Select from packages of 12, 24, 48, or 96 taco vouchers!


Gift Card

From $50

Purchase a gift card today that can be spent at our new location or next summer at our food truck!


Taco Art Print


Donna Kneeland-Strome, my mother, is a talented artist who painted this work to hang in our new location. These will be a limited run and make a fun addition to a dwelling of a taco lover.

Limited (97 left)

Sponsored Taco Giveaway

From $400

Is your business looking for an advertising opportunity? Give away 100, 200 or 300 tacos to customers at our new location!

Limited (9 left)

2021 Taco Pass


Imagine a world where you walk up to a counter, order tacos, and do not have to pay a dime. This is your opportunity to live the taco dream! The Taco Monster Taco Pass allows you to redeem up to four tacos per visit for 6 months.

Limited (11 left)

Catered Private Event

From $750

Cater your next event with tacos. 3 tacos and a beverage for up to 50-150 people! Must be scheduled for May – Aug 2021.

Limited (13 left)

VIP Founder


This is the die hard Taco Monster supporter. As a top supporter, you will receive the following:

  • Free Tacos for 1 Year
    • Imagine free tacos every time you visit Taco Monster. Not only will you eat like a champion, but you will be envied by all of your friends.
  • Exclusive VIP Polo
  • Exclusive VIP Sticker
  • Catered meal including 150 Tacos & 50 canned beverages
  • Random Act of Taco Cards – 48 Pack
  • Taco Monster Art Print
  • Sticker Pack
  • Taco Monster Pin

Limited (10 left)