🌮 YES! This week has been exciting all around! We secured a loan to top up our funds for the project to over the halfway mark! We also have revised our milestones to reflect actual expenses now that we are spending the capital we are bringing in!

We have updated our goal to $40,000, which is the minimum number we need to open our space. We also have decided we will update the goal when we raise capital outside of this campaign to help everyone see our progress, and have a better understanding of what we still need to raise!

Here are a couple photos of behind the scenes. You can see the frames getting built for some of the market vendors above, and you can see some Craft Beer Commonwealth’s progress below.

Sunday I spent over 8 hours bidding on kitchen equipment. We have been able to cut some of our expenses by purchasing second hand equipment! However are still several big pieces of equipment that we will need to purchase brand new.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along with our progress! Our campaign will continue now through mid November! Every pre-order helps us get closer to opening our space! Thank you for your support!