As of this morning, we have sold $10,415 in pre-orders for tacos and merchandise through our online store!

Taco Monster is joining local entrepreneurs in Red Deer’s first indoor farmer’s market!

Set to open in November 2020, you will find us located on the north end of the building along with Craft Beer Commonwealth! Here is a photo of me standing where our kitchen will be built!

Thank you so much for your support! We are excited to be in Central Alberta, at a location that promotes local entrepreneurship, through a wide variety of products, food and beverages.

Our next step is securing insurance, developing our floor plan and starting construction as soon as possible! Please consider supporting us by purchasing a product as we build our new home.

See our online store here: https://build.tacomonster.ca

We also would encourage you to check out the new Indoor Farmer’s Market and Craft Beer Commonwealth!

You can find Gasoline Alley’s Farmers Market online:
Instagram: @gasolinealleyfarmersmarket
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GasolineAlleyFarmersMarket

You can find Craft Beer Commonwealth online:
Instagram: @craftbeercommonwealth
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GasolineAlleyFarmersMarket